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Training Your Dog and Supporting You

Training builds a decision-making process in our dogs in which we can live in harmony together. In my Oceanside CA dog training classes, I use both classical and operant methods that are easy to follow and understand for both you and your dog.

Basic and advanced off-leash training is designed to establish clear communication and a solid relationship.

Your dog’s behavior is a direct result of your actions. Dogs are extremely adaptable animals and “how” you live with your dog, dictates “how” they live with you.

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$100 Initial In-Person Consultation (90-Min):

During the required consultation, I will assess you and your dog, listen to your needs and hear what your life together looks like so we can establish realistic goals to live the best life with your dog/s. Each consultation lasts up to 90 minutes. You will get real information you can use through customized, actionable training tips based on my years of expertise. It’s like a mini training lesson.

Meet Mary Kay
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

As the owner and certified trainer of 101 Dog Trainer, I pull from decades of experience working with thousands of animals around the world to grow the relationship between you and the canine companion you love. After a successful career working in film and television with notable projects such as 101 Dalmatians, Lassie and Beethoven, I started my own dog training business to help you and your dog come together in harmony through fully customized training programs with clear objectives and easy-to-understand instructions.
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Mary Kay with her dogs Rocky and Capone

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Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Oceanside CA

Contact me today so we can arrange a consultation and build a customized training program that allows you and your dog to live in a happy harmony together. 

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