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“We were up to our ears in stress in a home with three uncontrollable dogs. We were at the point where we were considering rehoming one or two of them, which was an extremely painful scenario to consider. Kristen & Mike talked us through all of our issues, gave us realistic expectations and put loads of time and energy into training the pups and us! Today, we have one of the most peaceful animal homes in town, you would barely know we had not one, but three dogs here! They gave us the tools necessary to communicate with them and gain their respect. Most importantly they kept our family together and this to us is absolutely priceless. ”

Cinthiya Oliviera

“When I met Kristen I had a reactive dog. Walking on a leash was not fun. After a few short weeks my dog walks in a perfect heel. With the introduction on place commands and crate she has enormous impulse control. I cannot say enough about Kristen and the tools she has given me to train my dog. THANK YOU KRISTEN!”

Denise Blackmore

Basic Obedience

Promote clear communication between you and your dog. A solid relationship with your dog starts with basic fundamentals. We teach on-leash core commands including:

  • Heel

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Structure Walks

  • Threshold of Open Doors

  • Duration on Place to Teach Calm Behavior


“I will be a lifelong customer here. I can’t recommend enough. Kristen, Mike, Vic and Deb have completely transformed my demon dogs!!! I can not stress enough how amazing this team is.”

Jennifer Cirri-Smith

Ultimate Obedience

Are you looking to have your dog trained off-leash? Trusting your dog off-leash has so many benefits. It helps tremendously with:

  • Exercise because your dog won’t have to be confined to a leash
  • Trusting your dog more

  • Socializing with other dogs
  • Safety for your dog and other humans and animals

Knowing that your dog is always going to come when called is such an amazing feeling. We will help you work on your dog’s recall in numerous different distractions ranging from people and environments to lots of other dogs.  All of our off-leash dogs will be proofed in an off-leash dog park as training progresses.

  • Advanced Off-Leash Heel

  • Sit

  • Sit/stay

  • Down, stay and place command

We have trained thousands of dogs off-leash of all breeds. Any dog can get trained off leash with a 100% recall, even huskies, hounds and wolf hybrids. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to let you dog off leash and not have to worry about him running away? It may be time for you to invest in our Off Leash Training Program.