“Mary Kay took the best care of our puppy Archie and exceeded all of our expectations on training. We now have all the tools we need to raise our puppy into a well behaved and happy dog. We can not thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication. Look no further, Mary Kay is the best!” – Melissa P

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Basic Obedience

I will work with you and your dog to meet objectives and establish important relationship conditioning, including through my unique “Ditch the Dish” goal-oriented training technique. 

By establishing that your dog’s food comes “through” you rather than “from” you, as if you are the dog’s banker in charge of their currency (food), we can build bank accounts, such as a bank account for “sit”, a bank account for “down”, “heel”, “come”, etc. In the beginning, we put a lot of investment into these bank accounts so that later on we can make withdrawals. It’s a process to a prosperous future. Many dogs have bankrupt accounts and their people can’t understand why they won’t respond to their commands. Ditch the dish and make the food count! 

As a team, we will work together to build clear communication between you and your dog with:

  • 6 private training sessions

  • Behavioral markers established

  • Sit, down, heel/loose leash walking, come, place all on leash

  • Good manners in the home and in public

  • Phone and e-mail support with Mary Kay

“You promote what you permit”

A black dog standing on top of a rock near the ocean.

Basic Obedience *Plus*

Being able to take your dog off-leash knowing that they will come back to you is important not only for your peace of mind but for the safety of everyone involved. In the Basic Obedience Plus package, we do an additional lesson which builds on the Basic Obedience package to focus on off-leash training using my e-collar professional certification. This is a good fit for those wanting something between Basic and Ultimate Obedience with:

  • 7 private training sessions

  • Everything in the Basic Obedience package plus the added value of e-collar training for off-leash recall.

“Believe in yourself – then so will your dog”

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“Pauly is now a well adjusted pooch thanks to trainer #6 Mary Kay Snyder! She is knowledgeable, experienced, confident, committed, dedicated, patient, a creative problem solver and available for 24/7 support with instructions that had small, easy steps to build both of our confidence. Working with Mary Kay exceeded my expectations!” – Carol A

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Ultimate Obedience

The Ultimate Obedience program includes everything in the Basic Obedience program with the addition of a remote training collar. I am a certified e-collar professional and well experienced in off-leash training with countless dogs successfully able to respond happily and without conflict. My Ultimate Obedience training program includes: 

  • Approximately 8 private training sessions

  • Behavioral markers established

  • Sit, down, heel/loose leash walking, come, place all off leash. Good manners in the home and in public.

  • Off-leash training and behavior modification

  • On location training

  • Phone and email support with Mary Kay

  • If you’re looking for your dog to be trained off-leash, the Ultimate Obedience package is the perfect fit for your needs.

“Make changes, not excuses”

“Mary Kay at 101 Dog Trainer is a golden find; the best! Her knowledge of dogs and their behaviors, needs, and health is both encyclopedic and personal to each dog and family who come into her life — it’s so obvious how much she loves dogs! Our dog loves her (so do we!)! Mary Kay is simply the best dog trainer anyone could hope for — you’ll be so glad to have her expertise and care!” – Jeff K

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Day Training

If you don’t want to do a full board and train program but still want me to work with your dog while you work, day training could be the perfect option. You can drop off your dog around 9am and we’ll do goal-oriented training until roughly 5pm. We’ll set objectives during your initial consultation and come up with a custom game plan to be used during day training. With Day Training:

  • I train your dog throughout the day from about 9am to 5pm.

  • Because I do all the work for you Monday-Friday during the day, you get to enjoy your dog in the evening hours.

  • Then on Friday, I give you and your dog a lesson with homework for you to do together over the weekend so you can keep up the process, reinforcing what your dog has learned throughout the week for continued success.

  • Scheduling can be customized based around your schedule, such as Monday-Wednesday-Friday instead of the full recommended Monday-Friday program.

  • Every dog is a little bit different so there is no one-size-fits-all training timeline.

  • If you want to cuddle with your dog at night and spend the weekends together, day training is a great solution.

  • In addition to the 9am-5pm training you’ll get phone and e-mail support with Mary Kay.

“Whatever you practice every day you will get better at”

“I would highly recommend 101 Dog Trainer” – Guy L

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Behavior Modification / Customized Training

All training at 101 Dog Trainer is customized to be the best fit for every unique dog and their individual needs. If you have specific behavior modification goals to work on problems such as nipping, leash reactivity, counter surfing, jumping on guests or other issues, we can talk further about the sessions and methods that would go into the right personalized training program for your dog. 

“Choose to make today amazing, you can reach your goals with your dog”

“My dog is much happier and I’m happier too. Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was wrong. Mary Kay can, and she did.” – Carol A

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Loose Leash Walking

Are you tired of being pulled down the street on your walks?!  This program puts you in the driver’s seat to teach you how to enjoy walking your dog/s.

  • 4 lessons – I teach you the skills needed and how to implement them with confidence

“You are unstoppable”

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Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Oceanside CA

Contact me today so we can arrange a consultation and build a customized training program that allows you and your dog to live in a happy harmony together. 

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