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Our Board and Train program is designed for busy clients who want to have the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. Your dog will undergo training while being in complete care of a trainer 24/7. This is a results-based program with a minimum of three weeks. Your dog will spend day and night with a trainer while receiving regular exercise and training. Once your dog has reached UPK9 standards (off-leash sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, come, heel, place, quiet, kennel and much more) they will go home happier, more obedient, well behaved and under control. Then, we teach you how to receive maintain and enhance your dog’s training. This typically is advanced off-leash training.


“We were up to our ears in stress in a home with three uncontrollable dogs. We were at the point where we were considering rehoming one or two of them, which was an extremely painful scenario to consider. Kristen & Mike talked us through all of our issues, gave us realistic expectations and put loads of time and energy into training the pups and us! Today, we have one of the most peaceful animal homes in town, you would barely know we had not one, but three dogs here! They gave us the tools necessary to communicate with them and gain their respect. Most importantly they kept our family together and this to us is absolutely priceless. ”

Shannon Spring

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